Sinai Rodriguez: ECC has the instructors and resources to help you succeed

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Published 12/20/2017
Sinai Rodriguez has the instructors and resources for success

Sinai Rodriguez has the instructors and resources for success

My name is Sinai Rodriguez, and I am not a traditional college student. I dropped out of Bartlett High School during my senior year. I came to Elgin Community College to get my GED, and on December 16, 2017, I will be getting my Associate of Applied Science in Welding fabrication technology and a Vocational Specialist Certificate in welding.

After graduation, I plan on getting a job in welding, where I will use the skills and techniques that my instructors passed on to me. ECC has changed my life. There have been so many people at the college who wanted to see me succeed and have helped me do so. If it wasn't for the people who kept pushing me and telling me not to give up when I felt I couldn't do it, I might have dropped out of college.

The most memorable moment I had during my time at ECC was when my Welding 101 instructor let me come into class early to get additional practice welding because I wasn't doing very well. If it wasn't for him and other instructors like David Reich, I don't think that I would have learned how to weld copper or even learn how to weld at all.

To potential students who are thinking of attending ECC, I recommend that you do! The classes are small and the instructors will help you, but whether you fail or succeed is ultimately up to you. ECC has a lot of resources for students, all you have to do is use them or ask for help and they will guide you to stay on the right path.  

~ Sinai Rodriguez, Elgin