Rachel Elaine Hitt: I’ll go on to save lives, thanks to ECC

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Published 12/20/2017
Rachel Hitt

Rachel Hitt

Being a student is difficult, but being an adult student is even more so. With so many additional factors that go into living, going to school can often get put by the wayside or seem out of reach. There have been numerous challenges I have faced in life that made me feel like I would never achieve my dreams. Elgin Community College has played a paramount role in where I am today and why I am currently on the path to greatness. Because of ECC, I was able to make a drastic career change that is in line with my passion and dream.

I always had a dream of what I wanted to do but did not know if I could make it happen; I thought logistically it was impossible. But after learning of scholarship opportunities through the ECC Foundation and the details of the nursing program, ECC helped get me back on the path to follow my dream of saving lives. I am elated to say that I will be working as a registered nurse and have no plans of stopping my education any time soon. I plan to continue my studies next year in nursing and also will work toward becoming a medical doctor down the line. While I know I have a long journey ahead within nursing, and beyond, I have a solid foundation thanks to ECC.

My advice to anyone who is not sure if their dreams are attainable is that you won't know until you try, and you'll likely be pleasantly surprised when you do. My only regret at this point is that I did not believe they were possible sooner. I am looking forward to many future successes as I continue my journey.

~ Rachel Elaine Hitt, South Elgin