Griselda Alonso: Success is what you make it, and I went for it!

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Published 12/20/2017
Griselda Alonso

Griselda Alonso

Success starts with motivation and desire. It is influenced by teachers, such as those at Elgin Community College, who support and believe in their students. My experience at ECC has been phenomenal. I am not a traditional student; I returned to college after having a family, and ECC has given me all the support I needed to succeed, including a Purses with Purpose Scholarship through the ECC Foundation. After earning an Associate of Science degree and taking the prerequisites needed for the nursing program, I will continue to a four-year university to obtain my master's degree in nursing.

I know the meaning of struggle, and this has not been an easy ride. It has been a trial of endurance, strength, and courage. For a long time, I was a single mother of three young children. Not only did I have to juggle kids, work, and school, but I also had tutoring to attend. After putting in many hours of studying, it feels good to know I have earned every single credit needed to complete my associate degree. Although many tears and late nights have been invested, I am proud to say I persevered.

My three wonderful children have been my motivation to pursue my goals. They are the reason I work so hard to continue my studies, achieve my dreams, and fulfill my ambitions. It is important to me that I lead by example, for by doing so, I emphasize not only to my children but to the world: the importance of education, working hard to accomplish a vital task, and the positivity of tenacity-sticking to something and not giving up. 

Accomplishing what one wants in life takes dedication, desire, commitment, and discipline. Being proactive is imperative! Too often, there are those who do nothing and wonder, “What if?” instead of thinking, “Why not?” Success is what you make it, so go for it!

~ Griselda Alonso, Elgin