Clubs & Organizations


This group strives to build community between students with and without disabilities, create a culture of inclusion, and advocate for accessibility. Make great friends and promote disability awareness!

Anime Club

Anime Club explores Japanese and Asian art and culture through animation, drawings, and discussions. Students interested in these art forms are encouraged to join this club.

Associated Nursing Students (ANS)

Nursing majors participate in career-related activities and events that provide student support and networking opportunities.

Aspire 1G

This organization provides first-generation college students with opportunities to explore college life and promotes academic and personal success.

Black Student Achievers (BSA)

Students with interest in African-American and African cultures are welcome to join this club. BSA promotes education, diversity, and community through discussions, outings, workshops, and social events.

Chinese Student Club

This club is ideal for all students interested in China. Members promote the awareness of Chinese culture, unity with all ethnic groups, academic excellence, and support for members. Activities include monthly meetings, leadership training, and other events.

College Programming Board (CPB)

CPB is the college’s primary source for providing entertainment and special events for students. CPB encourages student involvement and the social development of the student body through music, speakers, films, and other forms of entertainment.

ECC Observer Student Newspaper (The Observer)

A forum for the free expression of student views and opinions is the focus of the student newspaper, the Elgin Community College Observer. Students gain experience in newspaper production and may earn college credit while readers keep abreast of current events and news on campus. Winner of the Illinois Community College Journalism Association second-place winner of the "Best in Show" competition among all community colleges in Illinois. Read the latest issue

Educators Rising

A professional organization that supports students who are interested in education-related careers. Members have access to scholarship opportunities, resources to get a realistic understanding of the role of a teacher. Get to know other figure teachers at ECC, participate in field trips and education forums and get involved with community education projects.

Engineering Tech Club

The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities for ECC Engineering students to gain teamwork, communication, and leadership skills while staying motivated and engaged through exciting mentor-based programs that build STEM skills. Connect with other students who share the same interests by joining this club!

Forensics Team

Forensics is an activity open to students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities who wish to thrive and succeed at public speaking by improving communication skills, expanding their worldview, and developing greater empathy. Students often become active leaders in their communities by participating in forensics, having achieved more confidence than previously imagined. To join the team, contact the forensics advisor at 847-214-7275, or via email at

Gamers United

Calling all students who like video, card, and board games! Join Gamers United as they meet to play various games and make new friends on campus.

Human Services Club

This organization raises public awareness of human services through community service projects. Build your network of human service professionals while working with ECC students from counseling, medical, legal, and early childhood careers to better serve our community.

Military Branches United (MBU)

This organization provides support in an atmosphere of camaraderie for veterans and persons concerned for and connected to the armed forces. It also provides guidance and educational leadership to veterans and interested students regardless of their service status.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Interested in Islamic life and beliefs? Muslim and non-Muslim students get together regularly to share information and enjoy a lively discussion.

Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS)

OLAS promotes a mature sensitivity and awareness of Latin American culture through various activities, events, and community-sponsored programs. Students interested in Latin American culture are welcome to join.

Performing Arts Club

Students may act, direct, or produce when this group puts on its productions. The club also assists with college-sponsored theatrical and musical productions. Field trips to professional theatre productions, workshops, and guest lectures are highlights of membership in this club.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society is an award-winning, internationally recognized honor society for community college students. PTK eligibility requires 12 completed semester hours with a minimum GPA of 3.25. For newly enrolled students, ECC’s Rho Kappa chapter offers provisional membership. PTK members participate in a variety of service, scholarship, leadership, and fellowship activities. Participation at state, regional, and international conventions broaden members’ experiences and leadership skills. PTK membership is also noted on official college transcripts and recognized at commencement. A one-time application fee applies. Join Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society.  

Phi Theta Kappa currently operates the Spartan Food Pantry.

Spartan Christian Fellowship (SCF)

This group assists students in the study of the biblical world and life view. Activities include group study, socials, and leadership training.

Spartan Design Club

Create real-world design projects by joining with other like-minded students interested in working with clients from the college and community. Members design and produce collateral materials for print, web, and multimedia.

Student Government

Student Government is the governing body of ECC students and has jurisdiction over matters of student welfare and financing of student clubs and organizations. Four executive officers, the Student Member of the Community College District 509 Board of Trustees, and 12 senators are seated annually. Participating in Student Government helps students learn valuable political and leadership skills.

Students Educationally Receiving Volunteer Experience (SERVE)

This program allows students to earn elective college credit at no cost in exchange for community service and volunteering. Students acquire several different learning experiences while working to improve the quality of life within our communities. Student interests and time availabilities are matched with agencies seeking volunteers. Participate in SERVE

Students Who Are Not Silent (SWANS)

The goal of SWANS is to create a place where people can express themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically without the fear of being harassed. SWANS educates students on LGBTQ issues such as hate crimes, political matters, acceptance/tolerance, AIDS, and stereotypes.

Team Entrepreneurs

This club’s goal is to inspire students to become entrepreneurs by establishing businesses as a team and assisting in the creation of an environment for real-life experiences and opportunities.

United Students of All Cultures (USAC)

USAC assists students of all ethnic origins, especially foreign-born students, to contribute their ideas and culture to the college. Its fellowship and service activities, including an international week celebration, provide social enrichment and promote cultural diversity.

Women's Empowerment Alliance (WEA)

The Women’s Empowerment Alliance (WEA) aims to support women and their interests in pursuit of students’ professional, educational, and personal goals. WEA offers an opportunity for the campus community to create strategies that empower women to overcome challenges, learn valuable skills, network with professionals, and build meaningful relationships on campus and beyond.