Fitness Center

The 3,000-square-foot Fitness Center features state-of-the-art workout equipment for hard bodies and couch potatoes! Come join us. You'll find what you are looking for.


  • Five treadmills.
  • Four elliptical machines, two stair-climbing machines, three recumbent stationary bicycles, three upright stationary bicycles, and a rowing machine.
  • Full set of Cybex weight machines.
  • Adjacent 1,200-square-foot free weight room with Olympic weight sets, benches, squat racks.
  • Rubber dumbbells, ranging from 3 pounds up to 100 pounds.

Who Can Use

  • Anyone ages 16 and over interested in getting in shape and staying in shape.

Terms of Use

  • Best value! Enroll in one of four college fitness courses:
    • PHC 109, PHC 110, PHC 167 or PHC 169.
  • Members may earn between one-half up to two college credits per semester.
  • Or, pay $3 per day in the Student Accounts Office and bring the receipt to the Fitness Center.