Disability Services

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Services for Students with Disabilities

Elgin Community College's Student Disabilities Services Office supports student success and retention through various opportunities and accommodations.

Student Disabilities Services Registration

New to Student Disabilities Services

The Student Disabilities Services Office advocates for a universally accessible environment, in which physical, electronic, and social barriers are reduced and students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to succeed.

  1. Apply to Elgin Community College (ECC).
  2. Wait to receive your ECC ID via email after you complete your ECC application.
  3. Register for services by completing the Student Disabilities Services Registration Form.
  4. Call 847-214-7717 to schedule an appointment with an intake specialist

Registration Form

Returning Students

If you are already an ECC student and have received services in the past, you need to request services each semester to help coordinate with faculty and staff. Here's the process you need to complete each time you are registered for classes at ECC. It is best to follow this process before the semester begins.

  1. Complete the Accommodation Request Form.
  2. Log in using your ECC username and password.
  3. Select the accommodations you need for your classes.
  4. Click submit.

Request Form

Types of Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations are designed to provide equal access to students with disabilities. The accommodations are determined on an individual basis; therefore, not all accommodations are appropriate for every student. Accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Adaptive computer hardware/software.
  • Assistive technology device.
  • Extended test time/quiet testing area.
  • Note-takers/recording devices.
  • Accessible texts and materials.
  • Sign language interpreters/captionists.
  • Preferential seating.
  • Test readers/scribes.
  • Extensions on assignments.
  • Flexibility in attendance.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students with disabilities who are registered with Student Disabilities Services have rights. Learn more about rights and responsibilities.

ADA/Section 504 Compliance
Elgin Community College complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to ensure that no students, employees, visitors, or other beneficiaries of the ADA encounter discrimination on the basis of their disability. All college facilities, services, and programs must be accessible to students, employees, and visitors with disabilities unless doing so would be an undue burden to the college. Reasonable accommodations can be provided to qualified students with disabilities for successful entrance into and completion of courses, but students should note that the college is not required to, nor should it, compromise on program admissions or essential course requirements. Qualified students with disabilities must contact the Student Disabilities Services office to request reasonable accommodations.