Go Spartans!

Keep playing the sport you love, and get a great education too—at ECC, you can have it all.

As a soccer player at ECC, you join a close-knit community of men who are dedicated to hard work, determination, and pride. With our stellar coaching and team spirit, we’ll help you transition to the next level.

Our players regularly receive All-Region and All-Conference honors, and some go on to compete at four-year colleges and universities.

The team competes on the Spartan soccer field, a well-maintained field right here on campus. The season runs from August to November.

2018 Men's Soccer Player Roster

#NamePositionHeightYearHigh School
1 Aldair Dominguez   GK 5’10” FR Larkin High School
2 Emmanuel Aguilar DF 5’6” FR Larkin High School
3 Eder Barajas DF 5’7” SO Larkin High School
4 Javier Sotelo  DF 5’6” FR Larkin High School
5 Carlos Gonzalez  DF 5’7” FR Streamwood High School
6 Braeden Frenette  DF 6’1” FR Hampshire High School
7 Oscar Chavez FW 5’8” FR Streamwood High School
8 Aldo Lazaro  FW 5’9” FR Streamwood High School
9 Sam Epperly  FW 5’9” FR Wheaton Academy
10 Rafael Gil  MF 5’7” FR Streamwood High School
11 Ulysses Flores MF 5’6” SO South Elgin High School
12 Eyoel Hailu MF 5’8” SO Larkin High School 
13 Charles Piazza DF 5’8” FR Hampshire High School
14 Luis Benitez DF 5’10” FR Rockford Guilford High School
15 Amaury Gomez DF 5’6” FR Larkin High School
16 Hector Rebollar-Cortez  DF 5’6” FR Bartlett High School
17 Andy Zavala MF 5’8” FR Elgin High School
18 Johnny Andrade MF 5’10” FR Bartlett High School
19 Ryan Wilmington  FW 5’9” FR Burlington Central High School
20 Hector Salazar MF 5’8” FR Dundee-Crown High School
21 Antonio Turso  FW 5’9” FR South Elgin High School
22 Hector Hernandez DF 5’6” FR Elgin High School 
23 Moises Benitez DF 6’0” FR Elgin High School
24 Oscar Realeno FW 5’10” FR Schaumburg High School
25 Giovani Lucas DF 5’6” FR Rockford Jefferson High School 
00 Kyle Hayles GK 5’8” FR South Elgin High School
99 Sergio Cedillo GK 5’9” SO Elgin High School

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