Student Success Fund

Helping ECC Students Succeed Despite Increased Adversity

Our Emergency Student Relief Fund successfully helped 66 students continue their education during the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Now, the ECC Foundation recognizes the need to continue lending a helping hand while hundreds of students attempt to accomplish their educational and career goals despite increased adversity due to the pandemic and economic hardships. Our Student Emergency Fund has been re-named the Student Success Fund in recognition that every student deserves to be successful in the pursuit of their education. Organizations like Motorola Solutions and Union Pacific Foundation have stepped up to assist in our efforts to ensure that all students can be successful.  You can continue to support the ECC Foundation Student Success Fund below.

We have also seen the long-term need for solutions to short-term financial problems. After seeing the relief, we were able to provide students in the past few months, we strive to continue to support the students of ECC through the ongoing pandemic. The Student Success Fund will continue to provide financial relief to students at risk of not continuing their education due to financial concerns.

Please continue to show your support and give below by credit card or mail a check to:

ECC Foundation - Student Success Fund
1700 Spartan Drive
Building B, Room B230.19
Elgin, IL 60123

Thank you for your support of our hard-working students!

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