Campus Giving Campaign

Support What Matters Most to you

District 509 is full of diversity- diversity of culture, people, and ideas. This year, the Elgin Community College Foundation encourages you to give towards what matters most to you. With a community as varied and as passionate as District 509, what matters most to you also matters to other community members. With your help, the ECC Foundation can be a pillar of unity and good will, where community members can come together and support the future of our students and our home.

You can take a look at some of the hundreds of scholarship opportunities that we are able to offer students here. If you see a scholarship or program that seems particularly inspiring, you can give towards that fund directly by using the PDF form on the sidebar of this page called "2021-2022 Campus Giving Campaign Form - PDF" OR the digital form below. Consider a gift towards our...

  • Student Success Fund - The Student Success Fund (SSF) was created in response to the pandemic and has provided several emergency services for students as well as acting as a flexible source of relief funds for students who have been negatively affected by the pandemic. Students are able to request help with things like rent payments, utilities, and food insecurity.
  • Complete to Compete Scholarship Fund - Our Complete to Compete program is designed to help the students who are nearing their degree but show signs of risk. These students have more than three fourths of the credits that they need to graduate but need our assistance to help cross the finish line with their degree in hand.
  • Resources for Excellence Fund - This general fund allows the ECC Foundation to allocate funds to students where they need it most whether it's books, fees, tuition, or other barriers to education.

Use the form below to support students