Modern Language Placement Test

Students choosing to register for any language courses should consult the prerequisite language level needed for each course. This should be done in order to determine which course is appropriate for them given any previous high school, prior college coursework, or Heritage speaker status.

  • Students with no previous background in Spanish should enroll in SPN 101 – Elementary Spanish I.
  • Students who speak Spanish at home but have not had any or have had little formal education in the Spanish language should enroll in SPN 251 – Spanish for Spanish Speakers or complete the WebCAPE Spanish placement exam for course placement. Please see an academic advisor for a referral form to take the Spanish language placement exam.
  • Students who are Heritage Speakers are encouraged to complete a proficiency request form - PDF.
  • Students who are unsure of their Spanish language skills should consult with their academic advisor and may be provided a Spanish Placement Advisor Referral Form in order to take the WebCAPE Spanish placement exam prior to registering. The WebCAPE exam is designed to determine the appropriate Spanish course in which the student should enroll. It is advised that students register for Spanish in the next available term after taking the placement exam prior to the start of the term. Placement scores will expire after two years.

WebCAPE Language Placement Tests Scores

WebCAPE Scoring Criteria
Score RangePlacement
Below 270 Spanish 101
270-345 Spanish 102
346-427 Spanish 201
Above 427 Spanish 202
Above 600 + Heritage Speaker Spanish 211, 251, 261
0-199 Chinese 101
200-399 Chinese 102
400-599 Chinese 201
Above 600 Chinese 202
Below 260 French 101
260-336 French 102
337-402 French 201
Above 402 French 202
Below 292 German 101
292-383 German 102
384-492 German 201
Above 492 German 202
0-199 Italian 101
200-399 Italian 102
400-599 Italian 201
Above 600 Italian 202
0-199 Russian 101
200-399 -
400-599 -
Above 600 -