Placement Tests

Taking placement tests can help you enroll in the right courses at Elgin Community College.

ECC offers placement tests designed to measure your academic skill levels before you register for class, helping ensure that you sign up for classes at the right academic level. Review testing scores summary to determine if you need to take placement testing.

Prepare Yourself

If you’re taking placement tests, we strongly encourage you to prepare by taking practice tests or sign up for our workshops to help you prepare.

Save yourself time and money by preparing for your placement tests. The scores you receive on each placement test will determine which courses you may take at ECC. Placing even one course higher can save a student almost $400. Research shows students who brush-up on their skills prior to taking placement test do far better than those who do not prepare. This is especially important for math skills, which quickly deteriorate when not frequently used.

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Types of Placement Tests

The testing center offers the following placement tests: