Advanced Testing

Advanced Placement Tests

If you took AP tests at your high school, you might be able to fulfill ECC course requirements and earn credit. Check our AP credit charts for details.

College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP®)

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a group of nationally standardized tests offered by appointment at the ECC Testing Center during regular hours. These computerized tests are usually best suited for those with considerable academic and life experiences.

CLEP Testing Details

ECC Proficiency Program

If you’ve earned proficiency credit at another accredited institution, ECC may accept those credits if:

  • The credit applies to the degree or certificate you intend to complete at ECC, and
  • The institution recorded the proficiency credit on your official transcript.

Modern Language Proficiency

If you are a heritage speaker and/or have previous language knowledge, you should consider seeking proficiency credit. Talk to an academic advisor about which language courses you need. If you are unsure which courses to seek proficiency credit for, you should take the WebCAPE first for an initial placement assessment.

Process for Credit

  1. Discuss your intentions with an instructor or Academic Advisor.
  2. Download the form below and complete Section II. A separate form must be completed for each academic discipline or program for which you request proficiency (e.g., Spanish/Chinese, Accounting/Management).
  3. Ask the instructor or Academic Advisor to complete Section III on the form.
  4. Go to Student Accounts Office in Building B, Room B151, and pay the fee: $15.00 per course plus $5.00 per credit hour. The Student Accounts Office will complete Section IV.
  5. Return the form to the instructor for assessment and final approval by Dean. For Spanish Only: Students will bring completed paperwork, receipt of payment, and identification to the Testing Center for assessment. 
  6. The completed form will be sent to the Registration and Records Office to be processed. If proficiency credit is granted, it will
    be placed on your transcript. Check the status of your proficiency credit by viewing your transcript on AccessECC.

Download Proficiency Request Form - PDF to learn more.