Apply as a Transfer Student

Taking a Few Summer Classes?

Applying to ECC as a summer transfer student is easy, and there’s no application fee. Here are the steps to follow for the summer semester, whether you’re applying for a degree or certificate program or just want to take classes for credit.

  1. Confirm with your current college advisor, which ECC course is equivalent to the course you need to complete. You can also check this information by going to website.

  2. Submit the online application
    Make sure you have a personal email you can access as we will be sending you important enrollment information after you have applied. If you don’t have an email address you can create a Gmail account for free and follow the instructions.

  3. Check the course you are interested in
    To determine what prerequisite, if any are required, for the course you are intending to enroll. Search available classes
    Note: Prerequisites needed for the course(s) must be satisfied in order to register.

  4. Prove you have satisfied pre-requisites
    This can be done by:
    • An official or unofficial transcript from your current or previous college/university.
    • Your high school transcript, if you have taken the geometry, chemistry or foreign language in high school.
    • If you are currently enrolled in a class that is a prerequisite for the summer course you wish to take, include a copy of your current class schedule. You will be required to submit an official grade report to the Registration Center prior to the summer class start date in order to remain enrolled.
      Note: Transcripts can be sent electronically through Docufide or Script Safe, or as an attachment in an email or mailed in paper form. All transcripts must be submitted to the Office of Admissions.

  5. Complete the prerequisite approval request form
    • Email the completed form and your unofficial transcripts to or fax to 847-931-4899 with ‘Summer Enrollment’ on the subject line. Include the following:
      • Student’s name
      • ECC student ID number; received after submitting ECC admission application
      • Contact information; cell phone or email address
      • ECC course number and course name
      • Institution from which the transcript is being sent

  6. A technical enrollment facilitator will contact you when your prerequisite waiver has been processed so that you may register for the course.

  7. Choose classes and register online.