TRiO Student Support

Students walking up to Building K.

There are three federally funded TRiO programs at ECC

  • TRiO Student Support Services (SSS)
  • TRiO Student Support Services/English as a Second Language (SSS/ESL)
  • Upward Bound Program (UB).

TRiO programs are designed to identify and provide services to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) & TRiO Student Support Services/English as a Second Language (SSS/ESL)

The TRiO Student Support Services programs at ECC are funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The mission of the TRiO Student Support Services and TRiO Support Services/ESL programs is to encourage and assist traditionally underrepresented students in preparation for and completion of a college education. SSS/ESL also provides support to eligible students whose second language is English and are enrolled in mainstream college classes.

TRiO Services Include

  • Career and academic planning.
  • Tutorial support.
  • Information concerning financial aid and scholarships.
  • Assistance with college applications and transfer.
  • Visitation to four-year institutions.
  • Workshops addressing various aspects of college life.
  • Leadership development activities.
  • Cultural and social activities.
  • Referral to college and community support services.
  • Computer and study lounge access at TRiO offices.

TRiO Services Eligibility

TRiO services are available to individuals who:

  1. Are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  2. Are a registered ECC student.
  3. Meet one or more of the following requirements:
    • First generation college student (your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) did not graduate from a four-year college or university).
    • Financial need.
    • Documented learning or physical disability(ies).

Upward Bound Program (UB)

Please note: Counselors and teachers are encouraged to recommend students.

The Upward Bound Program at ECC is a college prep program for high school students who are potential first-generation college students. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the program provides timely academic assistance and personalized guidance to qualified high school students who want to enhance their options for college by concentrating on their academic and personal development.

Upward Bound participants meet weekly after high school for:

  • Advising and tutoring with ECC students and advisors.
  • Special activity sessions focused on group communication skills and personal development.
  • Career and college workshops.

In addition, there are campus visits and sessions scheduled on Saturday’s during the school year for all Upward Bound students and a summer non-residential component.

Upward Bound Program Eligibility

The Upward Bound Program serves students who are in grades 9–12 and attend Elgin High School, Larkin High School, or Dundee-Crown High School. These students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Citizenship requirements.
  2. Financial need
  3. Be a potential first-generation college student (neither parent(s)/legal guardian(s) graduated from a four-year college or university).