Apprenticeship Program

Apprentices learn while earning! Begin building your future with a paid, structured, on-the-job training program while completing your certificate or degree at ECC.

Student apprenticeship benefits:

  • As an apprentice, you will start working in a high-demand field with incremental wage increases as your skills increase.
  • You are sponsored by an employer who pays your tuition so you can graduate with no college debt.
  • Depending on your program, upon completion, you will earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree or a Basic Vocational Specialist (BVS) certificate and certification from the U.S Department of Labor.


Employer ROI:

  • Grow your skilled/trained workforce by promoting existing workers or new hires.
  • Increase employee morale and loyalty.
    • The National Apprenticeship Service states that 92 percent of companies with apprenticeship programs believe that it leads to higher motivation. Eighty percent report increases in employee retention.
    • ECC and our partner, the Industry Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (ICATT), will help promote your apprenticeship(s).
  • Apprenticeships create additional opportunities for brand and company name recognition.

Employer Apprenticeship Interest Form

Available Apprenticeships Programs

Is an Apprenticeship right for you?

Students who agree to an apprenticeship program will have access to classroom and lab experiences with our highly qualified faculty, plus on-the-job training with a committed mentor at the company where you will work. The on-the-job training program enables you to earn a salary while you learn skills for your career through academic instruction. The benefits of participating in an apprenticeship program include:

  • No debt after graduation.
  • Higher wages and additional career advancement opportunities.
  • Earning a national credential from the U.S. Department of Labor, in addition to earning a degree or certificate from ECC.
  • Gaining practical skills and relevant training aligned with industry trends.

No Debt

Employers cover the training costs of the apprenticeship program, which includes tuition, fees, and books, as well as your salary. Students graduate with no debt.

Course Schedule

The apprenticeship program is created in blocks of time that are specific for each program. Classes are scheduled to avoid conflicts between classroom time and work. Each semester, time is allocated for coursework, and the remainder is for on-the-job training with the work mentor.

Students: Steps to Apply

  1. Submit an Apprenticeship Interest Form.
  2. Apply to Elgin Community College.
  3. Take placement tests as required, or submit previous test scores. Contact testing services for details.
  4. Interview with companies that have partnered with ECC to offer an apprenticeship.

If you have additional questions, please contact or 847-214-7454.