Program Admissions

Admissions Procedures

Thank you for your interest in the Elgin Community College PTA Program!

The ECC PTA Program strives to be recognized as the preferred educational institution in Northwest Chicago suburbs. The PTA Program promotes professional behaviors, critical thinking skills, and competencies consistent with the physical therapy profession and essential for a career in physical therapy and the healthcare industry.

Before you start, visit the ECC PTA website to review details on the application requirements, degree plan, and ECC Health Professions Programs requirements. Below is an overview of what is needed to apply to the PTA program:

March 15th is the annual application deadline for the following fall admission.

If you have never taken a credit class at ECC, you must complete an ECC application for admission before submitting the Health Professions Application. Get more information on how to apply

PTA Program Application Requirements

Must complete all steps listed below.

  • Apply with ECC - how to apply
  • Complete and submit your health professions application by March 15, the annual application deadline for the following fall admission.
  • Create an account for PTACAS and complete the application process. The application cycle starts on September 25 for admission into the fall cohort of the following year. ($25 fee)
  • Complete the PTA Program Mandatory Information Course online. Self-Service. You should see "CHP-900- PTA Information Course." Next, select the class, register, and provide verification of completing this information session with a Certificate on PTACAS. Read more about how to register for a non-credit course.
  • Completed prerequisites BIO 110, BIO 245, (BIO 246 strongly encouraged) ENG 101, PSY 100, and Humanities/Fine Arts (3 credit) course elective with a grade of C or better. Submit unofficial transcripts to PTACAS.
  • Provide three references on PTACAS to support your application. The ECC PTA program will accept references from PTs, PTAs, faculty, teachers, coaches, and employers.
  • Provide official transcripts from the college or university you have attended to the ECC Records Department. You must request a formal evaluation of your college course transcript.
  • Please note: You must be 18 or older to sit for the state licensure examination.

If you have any general questions about the application process, please contact the program director, Barbara Ostrowska, at or 847-214-7289.

If you have questions related to submitting college transcripts, please get in touch with the Records department. Transferring college credit to ECC, please apply for admission before submitting this request. Please remember that it is the student’s responsibility to request official transcripts for all colleges, universities, or the military and contact records at or 847-214-7386 to confirm all transcripts have been received before requesting the evaluation.

Note: Health professions programs require criminal background checks, drug testing, and specific medical requirements including updated vaccinations, current CPR, and PT program students must have a driver’s license. Students demonstrating a positive background check or positive drug test will be denied admission to health professions programs. Students demonstrating a positive background check or positive drug test while enrolled in health professions programs will be dismissed from the program.

Admission Criteria Elgin Community College PTA Program

The application deadline is March 15.

Selection Criteria

(This section is used to rank applicants)

  1. Completed PTA Information course online (10 points)
  2. Academics. Students will receive points for each grade earned for pre-requisite courses.
    • BIO 110, BIO 245, ENG 101, PSY100, and Humanities/Fine Arts elective (3 credits) course
    • A: 16 points, B: 12 points, C: 8 points
    • General education courses related to the PTA program with a grade of C or higher are reviewed.
    • Anatomy & physiology courses must be within 10 yrs. old of the application due date.
    • Maximum points 80, min 40 points.
  3. References/ Evaluation scoring.
    • Each reference item max score is 5 pts/ 14 sections.
    • Maximum points 70 points, min 35.
    • PTACAS Reference/Evaluation Form is used for the application process.
Scoring Points
PTA Information Course 10
Academics, Pre-requisites Course 80
References/Evaluations 70
Total 160

Applications are rated based on the scores accumulated from the above-listed categories. Applicants who score in the top twenty are accepted to the program.

Admission Notes

  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to meet all requirements and ensure that all documentation is on file.
  • Accepted applicants must be 18 years of age before the program starts.
  • All correspondence regarding enrollment applications will be emailed to the ECC email address.
  • Applicants should be aware that it may take up to several weeks for the College to receive transcript(s) from the sending institution(s).
  • Official transcripts will be evaluated as they are received; applicants must request the formal evaluation.
  • Qualified applicants not selected may be placed on the waitlist.
  • It is very important that you make financial aid preparations well in advance of any deadlines so that you know exactly what resources are available to you.
  • All applicants admitted to the program must complete all program requirements before the start of the first fall semester.
  • Criminal background checks and drug testing are required for all health professions programs. Students demonstrating an unfavorable background check or positive drug test will be denied admission to health professions programs.
  • If you have any questions regarding the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to the ECC PTA PD, Dr. Barbara Ostrowska at 847-214-7289 or

Physical Therapist Assistant Application Deadline

The applications must be submitted by March 15 to be considered for the following Fall admissions.

  • Admit one time per year - Fall only.