ECC Private Music Lessons

Welcoming World Class Instructors

ECC's private music lessons are a great way to have fun and develop your creative expression style, whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician.

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Are you interested in taking music classes at ECC?

Each semester, we offer various classes, including keyboard harmony, choral ensemble, choir, music literature, music of the world, music appreciation, and more. 
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Non-Credit Courses

We also offer non-credit classes through ECC's Continuing Education Department. Courses vary by semester but may include concert band, musical theater, and private lessons on various instruments. 

Need One Credit?

  • In-district students aged 16 and older can earn college credit for private lessons. Students of all ages are always welcome as non-credit students.
  • Build your creative expression to connect with others!
  • Lessons are available year-round. Each semester, students receive fourteen ½-hour lessons for about $28 per lesson for instruction from professional, masters' level musicians who will help them connect with others through music.