Rehearsal Schedule

Please be checked in and ready to play at your assigned times: We have lots of musicians who all need to rehearse, so it’s important to be on time so that we can get everyone through as smoothly as possible. Putting away coats, checking in, preparing your music, etc., should already be comfortably finished before your rehearsal begins.

Everyone must attend all of their assigned rehearsals.

Please be prepared: Write down your piano number on your music beforehand, and make sure that all of your music is performance-ready. Please remove fingernail polish before coming to rehearsal - nail polish can discolor and damage piano keys.

You can find directions and information on our webpage: 

American Grands 28 Rehearsal Schedule

While we strongly recommend wearing a mask during rehearsals and the concert, mask and distance requirements will depend on the current recommendations by federal, state, and ECC guidelines. We will update our participants on these requirements before all scheduled rehearsals, pick-ups, and performances.