Rehearsal Schedule

The rehearsal and performance schedule is as follows:

Please check your child’s school winter break schedule before registering for this event.  We are aware that our rehearsals and performances overlap with some school districts winter breaks, as well as Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.  Unfortunately, due to a building-wide renovation, we had to move up our schedule to be able to have our concert this year.  Rehearsals for each level are typically 15-20 minutes long each.  You will be given a specific time for the rehearsal of your assigned piece(s) when you pick up your music.  It is mandatory that all performers attend all three assigned rehearsals, but not for the full duration of each, as well as assigned performances.  Performers may be required to play in two concerts.

While we strongly recommend wearing a mask during rehearsals and the concert, mask and distance requirements will depend on the current recommendations by federal, state, and ECC guidelines. We will update our participants on these requirements before all scheduled rehearsals, pick-ups, and performances.