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Technology, globalization, and an increasingly diverse society have brought more of the world within your reach. Whether you’re looking to connect with others, travel the world, or become more employable, learning another language is a meaningful experience with benefits that last a lifetime. Fluency in a second language is prized by employers and may increase your earnings potential. Many sectors hire bilingual or multilingual candidates to deliver services to non-English speakers more efficiently and to produce or gain access to information unavailable in English. Studying a foreign language isn’t just useful, it’s fun. Studying a foreign language also helps you understand your native language better and also builds resilience, confidence, and independence.

Elgin Community College’s exceptional Modern Languages faculty are committed to helping you prepare for success in today’s global community by building your language skills and expanding your cultural awareness. Language courses transfer to many colleges and universities and are a sought-after minor. routinely taught at ECC include French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. Courses in Chinese, Hindi, and Russian may also be offered.

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Basic Spanish for Medical Professionals certificate

Designed to provide health care workers with the language skills necessary to effectively communicate with Spanish-speaking patients at a basic level. This fully online six-credit-hour certificate can be completed within one semester. Students will learn how to gather a patient’s insurance information, ask health history questions and develop familiarity with medical conditions and topics used in a wide variety of general practice and specialty settings. Required courses for certificate completion are Basic Spanish for Medical Personnel I (SPN-171) and Basic Spanish for Medical Personnel II (SPN-172).

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Basic Certificate

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