Astronomers explore the origin and nature of the universe, its galaxies, stars, planets, and other matter that it contains. Astronomy is all around us—look up! Whether you're an amateur stargazer or science superstar, the Department of Astronomy offers courses for students interested in studying the cosmos, students pursuing an associate degree, and anyone fascinated by the universe and this exciting, rapidly developing field of atmospheric science.

ECC's program instructors have years of advanced national laboratory research experience and provide students with excellent foundations in science fundamentals and experimental aspects. The Unistellar eQuinox smart telescopes offer exceptional views and real-time photographs of the cosmos. Featuring a 6.2MP capability, the camera's photo sites capture detailed night sky images. As a student, you'll be able to network in collaborative classroom settings and participate in club activities. Moreover, they can leverage faculty connections within area research laboratories to advance their academic and career goals. ECC's Physics and Astronomy labs have the latest data acquisition tools and telescopes to facilitate investigations into physical phenomena and the universe above.

Additionally, there are many opportunities for science educators, science communicators, and Astro-tourism. Refer to Career Coach for more information regarding related occupations and compensation.

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Associate Degree

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The employment prospects for Astronomy can fluctuate based on specialization and educational attainment. Generally, the field is compact and fiercely competitive. Research roles typically mandate a Ph.D., leading to a constrained job market. Nevertheless, burgeoning investments in space exploration and technology could yield more data analysis and instrumentation prospects. The median annual salary for Astronomers stands at $128,160.

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