Program Description

Catalog Year: 2019

The degree in business at Elgin Community College provides the student an opportunity to study the many facets of a business. Students learn the skills needed to meet the demands of business environment functions. The two-year degree prepares students for employment in today's ever-changing business world. Topics covered include: business basics, principles of management, concepts of marketing, financial accounting, e-commerce, sales, and global business needs. Additional business skills are developed through the study of economics, business law, communication concepts, and applications of math for business. Within the two-year degree, concentrations are available in entrepreneurship, marketing, management, and retail management. These concentrations allow the student an in-depth study of a specific aspect of business. If the student is passionate about starting a business and interested in entrepreneurial pursuits, three certificate options exist in addition to the concentration for the two-year degree. The entrepreneurial minded student should be self-motivated and understand the demand for the product or service they want to provide. Instruction to lead to a rewarding and interesting career in marketing and retail management can be pursued at Elgin Community College. The available concentration in the two-year degree plus additional certificates provide the student with opportunities to study the following: market concepts analysis, pricing, advertising, merchandise planning, product planning/development, promotion, and sales techniques. The management concentration in the two-year degree, along with two certificate options, allows the student to study the field of management. The success of a business can depend on the manager's ability to plan, organize, staff, and lead the business. To be effective, the manager must understand the principles and concepts of business and how the entire environment functions. Understanding the interaction between individuals and how to correctly allocate resources will help the manager to be more effective.

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Program Requirements

Business Required Courses : Business Crses

  • BUS-100 - Introduction to Business
  • MMT-101 - Principles of Management
  • CIS-110 - Introduction to Computers
  • CMS-101 - Fundamentals of Speech
  • MKT-103 - Marketing
  • ECN-201 - Principles of Microeconomics
  • ACC-200 - Financial Accounting
  • BUS-145 - E-Commerce
  • MKT-105 - Sales
  • BUS-260 - Global Business
  • HUM-216 - Ethics

Business Required Courses : ENG 101 or BUS 101

Take 1 course from:
  • ENG-101 - English Composition I
  • BUS-101 - Business Communications

Business Required Courses : ENG 102 or BUS 142

Take 1 course from:
  • ENG-102 - English Composition II
  • BUS-142 - Report Writing

Business Required Courses : Soc/Bev Sci Req

Take 1 course from:
  • PSY-100 - Intro to Psychology
  • SOC-100 - Principles of Sociology

Business Required Courses : MTH Requriement

Take 1 course from:
  • BUS-120 - Business Mathematics
  • MTH-125 - Finite Math for Business & Managmt
  • MTH-126 - Calculus for Business/Social Science

Business Required Courses : BUS 112 or BUS 113

Take 1 course from:
  • BUS-112 - Legal Environment of Business
  • BUS-113 - Business Law

Business Required Courses : Electives

Take 12.00 credits from:
  • MKT-115 - Advertising and Promotion
  • MMR-101 - Principles of Retailing
  • ENT-101 - Entrepreneurship
  • CMS-215 - Intercultural Communication
  • BUS-254 - Business Ethics
  • MKT-290 - Marketing Internship
  • MMR-206 - Retail Management
  • MMT-125 - Leadership Development
  • MMT-102 - Organizational Behavior
  • MMT-107 - Human Resource Management
  • ENT-111 - Small Business Management
  • ENT-101 - Entrepreneurship
  • ENT-220 - Business Plan Writing
  • ENT-210 - Small Business Finance