Truck Driving Owner/Operator

Program Description

Catalog Year: 2019

Our certificate includes 320 hours of education consisting of classroom and hands on yard and road training. In addition to driving skills, students learn map reading, trip planning, log keeping, vehicle systems, cargo handling, driving under adverse conditions, defensive driving and transporting hazardous materials. The mandatory written examination and driving test must be taken at a designated commercial driver's license testing center. Equipment for the driving test will be provided to ECC students. To be commercially licensed intrastate, students must be at least age 18; age 21 for interstate and/or to transport placarded hazardous materials.

Program Links

Program Requirements

Truck Driving Major Courses : BRG Courses

  • BRG-101 - Truck Driving I
  • BRG-201 - Truck Driving II
  • BRG-202 - Truck Driving III
  • BRG-203 - Defensive Driving Techniques

Other Req Crss Truck Driving Owner/Operator : Other Non-BRG Crss

  • ACC-100 - Introductory Accounting
  • BUS-100 - Introduction to Business
  • BUS-101 - Business Communications
  • CIS-110 - Introduction to Computers