Massage Therapy

Program Description

Catalog Year: 2019

Elgin Community College provides students with a multidimensional education that prepares them for national certification, Illinois licensure, and a holistic career that addresses body, mind, and spirit. A career in massage therapy can be very self-directed, is flexible and offers opportunities in both full- and part- time work.

Program Requirements

Massage Therapy Required Courses : MAS Required Courses

  • MAS-110 - Theory & Fundamentals of Massage
  • MAS-115 - Wellness Concepts
  • MAS-120 - A & P for Massage Therapists I
  • MAS-125 - Musculoskeletal Palpation I
  • MAS-130 - Basic Massage and Bodywork
  • MAS-141 - Massage Practice Clinic I
  • MAS-210 - Pathology & Pharmaceuticals
  • MAS-215 - Applied Therapies
  • MAS-220 - A & P for Massage Therapists II
  • MAS-225 - Musculoskeletal Palpation II
  • MAS-142 - Massage Practice Clinic II
  • MAS-230 - Supplemental Massage Techniques
  • MAS-235 - Eastern/Energetic Theory & Technique
  • MAS-250 - Business for Massage Therapists
  • MAS-243 - Massage Therapy Practice Clinic III
  • MAS-240 - Clinical Case Report

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