Human Services Substance Abuse Counseling

Program Description

Catalog Year: 2019

ECC's program in substance abuse counseling prepares students to help people with substance use disorders manage their disease and choose pathways to recovery. It leads to employment in social service, education, and healthcare fields.

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Program Requirements

Substance Abuse Counseling VS Required Courses : Sub Abuse Req Crss

  • HUS-102 - Principles & Prac. of Human Services
  • HUS-110 - Issues in Human Services
  • HUS-200 - Pre-Field Experience
  • HUS-205 - Introduction to Group Processes
  • SUB-122 - Basic Substance Abuse Pharmacology
  • SUB-125 - Special Populations
  • SUB-201 - Field Experience I and Seminar
  • SUB-202 - Field Experience II and Seminar
  • SUB-215 - Basic Substance Abuse & Treatment
  • PSY-100 - Intro to Psychology