Human Services Generalist

Program Description

Catalog Year: 2019

Human services professionals seek to meet the needs of people through valuing the capacity for human growth and change; advocating for social justice; designing interdisciplinary approaches to human needs; and recognizing people's strengths and abilities. Students are exposed to both educational and experiential learning methods in assessment, social policy, individual and group treatment, rules and regulations pertaining to the profession, and personal and professional self-awareness. Graduates are prepared for potential employment in non-profit organizations, government agencies, hospitals and health-care facilities, community social service agencies, and advocacy groups. The former Family Violence Counseling Certificate curriculum has been incorporated into the Human Services - Generalist Program.

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Program Requirements

Mental Health Required Courses : Men Hlth VS Req Crss

  • HUS-102 - Principles & Prac. of Human Services
  • HUS-110 - Issues in Human Services
  • HUS-200 - Pre-Field Experience
  • HUS-205 - Introduction to Group Processes
  • HSG-151 - Rules and Regulations
  • HSG-201 - Field Experience I & Seminar
  • HSG-210 - Working With Families
  • HSG-211 - Behavior Problems
  • HSG-213 - Crisis Intervention
  • HSG-223 - Behavior Management
  • PSY-100 - Intro to Psychology

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