Fire Science & Safety

Program Description

Catalog Year: 2019

This short-term program provides concentrated study in fire science covering prevention, protection, and the tactics of combating a fire in progress.

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Program Requirements

Fire Sci BVS Required Courses : Fire Sci Req Crs

  • FSS-101 - Principles of Emergency Services
  • FSS-103 - Fire Suppression & Bldg Construction
  • FSS-103 - Bldg Const. for Fire Prevention
  • FSS-204 - Fire Protection Systems

Fire Sci VS Required Courses : Fire Sci Req Crs

  • FSS-102 - Fire Prevention
  • FSS-102 - Fire Prevention Principles I
  • FSS-201 - Fire Fighting Strategy & Tactics
  • FSS-201 - Fire Fighting Tactics & Strategy I
  • FSS-202 - Hazardous Materials Chemistry
  • FSS-202 - Hazardous Materials
  • FSS-203 - Fire Service Hydraulics
  • FSS-203 - Protect. Hydraulics & Water Supply
  • FSS-214 - Fire Service Instructor-Basic Level
  • FSS-215 - Emergency Med Technician-Basic

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