Early Childhood Education

Program Description

Catalog Year: 2019

ECC's early childhood education programs prepare students to work as child care workers or child care directors. The Associate of Applied Science degree in education/early childhood education is approved for the Gateways for Illinois Director Credential Level 1, Infant/Toddler Credential, and the ECE Credential Levels 2-4. This means the college is authorized to offer the courses approved by the Gateways to Opportunity within the education/early childhood education degree and to certify students who have met all requirements of the IDC Level 1, Infant/Toddler, and ECE Levels 2-4. The credential recognizes colleges that are operating at a high level of quality in all areas of knowledge and experience, while establishing a high standard of professionalism in the child care field.

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Program Requirements

Education-Early Childhood Courses : ECE Courses

  • ECE-174 - Child Growth and Development
  • ECE-100 - Health,Safety,Nutrition/Young Child
  • ECE-220 - Child, Family and Community
  • ECE-102 - Introduction to Early Childhood Ed
  • ECE-124 - Curriculum Planning/Young Child
  • ECE-224 - Exceptional Young Children

Education-Early Childhood Courses : Comm Crse Req

Take 2 courses from:
  • ENG-101 - English Composition I
  • BUS-101 - Business Communications
  • ENG-102 - English Composition II
  • BUS-142 - Report Writing

Education-Early Childhood Courses : Soc/Beh Sci Req

Take 1 course from:
  • PSY-100 - Intro to Psychology
  • SOC-100 - Principles of Sociology
  • SOC-210 - Marriage and Family

Education-Early Childhood Courses : Math Requirement

Take 1 course from:
  • MTH-104 - General Education Mathematics
  • MTH-110 - Math for Elementary Teaching I
  • BUS-120 - Business Mathematics