Restaurant Operations (Basic)

Program Description

Catalog Year: 2019

The certificate in hospitality prepares students for positions in the food and beverage industry outside the kitchen. They learn the many other aspects of running a large concern like employee and customer relations, advertising and promotion, cost control, and the legalities regarding innkeeping.

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Program Requirements

Cook Assistant/Baker Assistant Courses : Cook/Baker Asst Crse

  • HOS-100 - Kitchen Techniques
  • CUL-106 - ServSafe Manager Certification
  • CUL-101 - Cooking Fundamentals I
  • PAS-101 - Baking Fundamentals I
  • HOS-101 - Intro to the Hospitality Industry

Restaurant Operations Required Courses : Rest Ops Req Courses

  • HOS-220 - Restaurant Service and Operations
  • HOS-120 - Servsafe/BASSET
  • BUS-131 - Customer Service Solutions
  • HOS-216 - Beverage Management