Paralegal (Basic)

Program Description

Catalog Year: 2019

The BVS certificate in paralegal is designed for students who already have a bachelor's degree or an associate of arts or an associate of science degree. Full-time BVS students may be able to complete the program in one year.

Program Requirements

Paralegal BVS Required Courses : Paralegal Req Crss

  • PAR-101 - Introduction to Law
  • PAR-201 - Civil Litigation
  • PAR-204 - Legal Research
  • PAR-206 - Legal Writing
  • PAR-239 - Paralegal Capstone

Paralegal BVS Required Courses : Paralegal Internship

Take 2.00 credits from:
  • PAR-235 - Internship
  • PAR-235 - Internship

Paralegal BVS Required Courses : OAT 130 OR CIS 110

Take 1 course from:
  • OAT-130 - Software Applications for the Office
  • CIS-110 - Introduction to Computers

Paralegal BVS Elective Courses : PAR BVS Electives

Take 6.00 credits from:
  • PAR-108 - Family Law
  • PAR-203 - Real Property Law
  • PAR-205 - Wills, Trusts and Probate
  • PAR-207 - Criminal Law Procedure
  • PAR-223 - Business Entity Formation
  • PAR-237 - Paralegal Special Topics

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