Music Production (Basic)

Program Description

Catalog Year: 2019

The music production certificate prepares students for both entry-level recording studio work and provides the skills to record and produce their own music. Throughout the program, students will gain knowledge and experience in industry-standard recording software and practices. They will learn how to identify and apply common audio effects through their use of Protools, Logic, and other common audio software programs. Whether the goal is to gain employment or the skills to create high quality music, this certificate will get you started!

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Program Requirements

Music Production BVS Courses : Music Prod Courses

  • MUS-150 - Intro Mus Prod: Listening & FX
  • MUS-155 - Seminar in Music Business
  • MUS-160 - Fundamentals of Music Technology
  • MUS-170 - Recording Techniques 1:Rec./Acous.
  • MUS-171 - Recording Tech 2: Adv Rec and Mixing
  • MUS-172 - Rec Tech 3:Mastering and Distrib