Decorative Pastry (Basic)

Program Description

Catalog Year: 2019

This certificated introduces the basics of decorative work as applied to showpieces and special occasion cakes. Sugar work consisting of pulled and pored will be covered as well as the use of tempered and modeling chocolate. During the certificate, sutdents will have the opportunity to design ad execute their own three-tier wedding cake as well as work on special occassion cake. Techniques using gumpaste, pastillage, chocolate and marzipan will be introduced.

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Program Requirements

Decorative Pastry Required Courses : Decorative Pastry

  • CUL-106 - ServSafe Manager Certification
  • HOS-100 - Kitchen Techniques
  • PAS-101 - Baking Fundamentals I
  • PAS-204 - Decorative Pastry