Clients & Testimonials

These ECC clients found the programs and services they need to develop and sustain a quality workforce.

Organizations Using ECC Corporate Training Programs and Classes

  • Acme Industrial - Read testimonial
  • Arthur Schuman
  • American NTN Bearing
  • Babbitting Service
  • Bucher Hydraulics, Inc.
  • Church of the Brethren Benefit Trust
  • City of Elgin
  • City of St. Charles - Read testimonial
  • Cobra Metal Works
  • Component Plastics
  • Community School District #300
  • Custom Aluminum Products, Inc. - Read testimonial
  • Dynacast
  • Elgin Community College
  • Elgin Sweeper
  • Hanover Township
  • Harting Inc. of North America
  • Haumiller Engineering
  • Hoffer Plastics - Read testimonial
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Kane County Health Department
  • Midwest Groundcovers
  • Minerallac
  • Nutriad
  • Omron Automotive Electronics
  • School District U-46
  • Seigle’s Cabinet Center - Read testimonial
  • Terramac
  • Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Read testimonial
  • Two Rivers Head Start Agency
  • Village of Streamwood

Client Testimonials

Acme Industrial Company


We, at Acme Industrial Company, had the privilege of having an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor from Elgin Community College at our facility to teach ESL to 14 of our employees. Her enthusiasm and dedication was infectious and she engaged the students in every class session. I have seen the ESL students use their new English skills with their fellow workers and their supervisors. One of the ESL students came into my office by herself to discuss a benefit enrollment form. In the past, she would have had a translator with her.

Several of the ESL students have toured Elgin Community College and will be continuing their language education on the ECC campus.

I highly recommend the ESL program provided by the ECC Corporate Training department.

Patrick Corbet 
Human Resource Manager 
Acme Industrial Company - Carpentersville, IL

City of St. Charles


We recently contracted with ECC’s Continuing Education department to provide MS Office 2010 training for approximately 200 City of St. Charles employees. The instructor was very astute at working with many different skill levels and her patient and calm nature was reassuring to all. As one of the class attendees, I really liked the hands-on approach and practice time offered in the class. As the coordinator of the training for the city, the communication from the Continuing Education department was excellent.

Other comments from class participants were:

"The shortcuts and tips were exceptionally useful. I will apply a number of them immediately. It will make several projects so much easier."

"For the first time in my many years of using Excel, I successfully implemented VLOOKUP. Using the Microsoft help, I would have never figured it out. I was able to follow the handout and implement on a rather complex spreadsheet that had previously taken me hours to manually update. I have saved more hours than I spent in the class. It would be great if all the training I attend resulted in a tangible product like this."

We would highly recommend ECC’s MS Office training to any organization, and the cost of the training was a better value than that offered by many competitors.

Jennifer Kuhn 
Sr. Administrative Assistant 
City of St. Charles

Custom Aluminum Products, Inc.


Custom Aluminum Products and Elgin Community College were selected by the Illinois Community College Trustee Association as the recipients of the 2013 Business/Industry Partnership Award. This award recognizes an Illinois business that has built a successful workforce-training alliance with a local community college.

Custom Aluminum has partnered with ECC’s Corporate Training department since 2004 in offering 55 training programs consisting of approximately 800 hours of training. The majority of these programs were included in the curriculum that was part of "Custom University."

“With ECC’s help, we created "Custom University" to provide our employees with additional skills and training for future career development. We also made the classes available to our customers, which helped to promote a stronger bond with them and reinforced our business relationships. ECC's flexibility allows us to hold classes at our facilities and customize the curriculum, which has led to employee growth and promotion within our organization.

Steve Dillet 
Custom Aluminum Products, Inc. 
South Elgin, IL

Hoffer Plastics Corporation

Completed eight High Performance Leadership classes for members of their executive and mid-level management staff.


We wanted to provide the leadership training for both groups so that we could all benefit from the content and more importantly, speak the same language. The leadership capabilities of the staff have strengthened in regards to communication, delegation, adaptability, building consensus and setting performance expectations. Being able to use the tools in our business reinforces best practices and ensures the investment in the training was money well spent.

During the training, we made the decision to bring the mid-management group into our short term and long term strategic planning process. We feel their participation and input have been invaluable and have no doubt the leadership training helped in their preparation for this process. The training helped build a foundation for how they approach action items and reaching goals.

Eric Smith, Director of Human Resources 
Hoffer Plastics Corporation

Seigle’s Cabinet Center


I was extraordinarily impressed with the recent Microsoft Excel training class Elgin Community College arranged for my sales staff. From the moment I first made contact with the college to the four hour class, ECC was incredibly proficient and professional. The training itself was well prepared and presented. The facility and equipment was very convenient and comfortable. I would highly recommend this or a similar course offering to other companies.

Mark S. Seigle 
Seigle’s Cabinet Center

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions been working with ECC to provide technical and leadership training to improve the skill sets at their Streamwood location.


ESL, Shop Math, Blueprint Reading and Measurement classes were held with over 50 employees participating. Seven of the participants have received upgrades in job classifications and eight have received promotions to cell leads and group leads.

The management team had identified nine employees that they believed showed potential to be in supervisory roles. They were employees from the manufacturing floor, group leads and production control. They wanted to provide them with foundation skills and partnered with ECC in offering the ECC High Performance Leadership classes. Some of the topics covered were "Resolving Conflict, Motivating Others and Building an Environment of Trust."

The employees in the leadership training were also assigned special projects by the management team that needed to be completed in each of the remaining quarters such as community involvement, location beautification and company communication. The employees completed their leadership training and have developed their community involvement projects. They led a food drive and organized a location beautification project. Without the skills developed during the leadership training this group would not have been able to have managed the special projects without some type of management team involvement.

Since the completion of the leadership training, one of the employees has been promoted to a cell lead and another has been promoted to a Materials Analyst. They have also been providing many ideas and suggestions to the management team and instead of just shrugging their shoulders and not telling management about issues, they now inform management and help them resolve the issues.

Kathy Keblis, Human Resources Manager 
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Streamwood, IL