Kids’ College 2021 Summer Class Listings

Young students participating in Kids' College workshop at ECC.

Camps & classes offered all year-round!

Kids' College classes are offered for children and teens ages 6 to 15. Fall and Spring Kids' College classes are offered after school and on the weekends. Our summer day camps are offered Monday through Thursday during the typical summer recess. Current offerings use online delivery for courses, including live instruction via Zoom® or other platforms, or they might include a subscription to the instruction delivered weekly. ECC has a partnership with several vendors to provide instruction.

The ECC Foundation maintains a Kids’ College Scholarship Fund that provides partial payments towards Kids’ College courses. Funds availability is determined each year. Please contact the continuing education department for more information.

Registration now open for 2021. 

Registration Steps

  1. Browse class offerings and select classes.
  2. Register and pay for classes.
  3. Complete the approved waiver: You may bring these completed forms on the first day of class or email them to
  4. Determine if you qualify for a scholarship. A limited number of scholarships are available for this program through the. For information, guidelines, and a form, call 847-214-7123.

Kids’ College 2021 Class Listing

Check our registration page often for updates. We'll add more classes as they become available.

Arts and Design

CEK-058: Getting Started with 3D Printing (ages 13-18) - Start from scratch and learn from the ground up. Students will design at least one object during class.

Acting and Stagecraft

CEK-025: Between the Songs (ages 12-16) - Discover what happens in the scenes between the songs in a musical.
CEK-026: Page to Stage (ages vary) - How to make reading from books come alive.
CEK-730: Beginning Acting (ages 12-16) - All the nuts and bolts of learning acting.


CEK-042: Expressive Drawing 1 (ages 6-9) - Create an expressive drawing of yourself and your surroundings.
CEK-044: Expressive Drawing 2 (ages 10-13) - In this course, you are the designer and storyteller.
CEK-043: Collage 1 (ages 6-9) - Lines, shapes, and colors
CEK-045: Collage 2 (ages 10-13) - Lines and space. Some 3D.


CEK-500: Music of Rebellion (ages 8-15) - Music of counterculture and shaping the world through song.


CEK-080: Photography Composition and Critique (ages 12+) - Advanced study on improving your photography.
CEK-081: Basic Photography & Comp (ages 12+) - Learn the basics of SLR photography.
CEK-100: Fun with Photography (ages up to 12) - Photography basics for tweens and teens.Cooking


CEK-164: Cooking 101 (ages 8-12) - Basic Cooking Skills for beginners
CEK-165: Baking 101 (ages 8-12) - Basic Baking Skills for beginners
CEK-138: Bread Baking Online (ages 8-14) - Learn about yeast and quick breads
CEK-139: Pasta Perfected Online (ages 8-14) - Make pasta from scratch
CEK-144: Sous Chef 1 (ages 8-14) - Learn to cook like a chef
CEK-107: Street Food (ages 8-14) - Explore street foods from around the world


CEK-579: Fun with Algebra (ages 10-15) - Build your Algebra skills to ready yourself for the next level


CEK 163: Tuesday Night Nature (ages 8-11) - Topics include Terrific Trees; What can trees tell you? Pond Life; What lives in the pond and what does it do? Wonderful Wildflowers; Summer is the perfect time to explore wildflowers. Insects and Other Crawlers; Who are they and why do we need them?


STEM Camps

Find out more information about Virtual STEM Camps at Elgin Community College powered by Black Rocket.

Course Offerings: Javascript Developer Jam, Minecraft Animators, ROBLOX Makers, eSports Apprentice, Battle Royale: Make Your First Fortnite Style Video Game, Minecraft Redstone Engineers, Python Programmers, Code Breakers, Inventor’s League- Prototyping for the Future, ROBLOX Coders & Entrepreneurs, Youtube Content Creators, Minecraft Modders, Rocket Kart Racers: Design A Mario Kart Style Game, Virtual Reality: The Future is Now, You Tube FX Masters, and 3D Game Design with Unity.