Coding Bootcamps

Elgin Community College’s new coding boot camp, in partnership with Promineo Tech, offers you the opportunity to learn in-demand tech skills to either enter or switch into a career in the technology industry.

  • 18 weeks long (Big Data class is 27 weeks)
  • Part-time
  • More affordable than the industry-average coding boot camp.
  • Class times are 7 to 8:30 pm to help fit into your schedule.

Front-End Software Development

Learn to build the pieces of applications and websites that users see and interact with. This involves creating components that look good and provide functionality when a user interacts with them. It also involves interacting with the Back End applications and aesthetically displaying data.

You will learn skills and technologies: JavaScript, Algorithms, OOP, Design Patterns, Unit Testing, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, React, JSX, REST, NPM, AWS, and more.


  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Front End Technologies
  • Web App Design with React

Back End Software Development

Learn to build applications that do the behind-the-scenes work. Careers in this area typically involve receiving requests from a Front End application, processing the request, reading and writing to a database, and responding to requests from other applications.

Skills and technologies learned will include Java 1.8, Algorithms, OOP, Design Patterns, Unit Testing, SQL, DDL, DML, Database Concepts, JDBC, Spring Boot, Spring Data, REST, JPA, JWT, AWS, and more.


  • Introduction to Java
  • Relational Databases with MySQL
  • Web API Design with Sprint Boot

Big Data Engineering

Technically inclined yous are introduced to the technologies and methodologies requested by hiring companies and used by real-world data engineers. This fast-paced program will cover various technologies, including Python programming, Hadoop, and Amazon Web Services® (AWS) cloud-based services. You will also be introduced to such methods as data wrangling, munging, ingesting, and modeling for analytics.

By the end of the program, you will be prepared for an entry-level position as a data engineer, Python programmer, or business intelligence developer. 

Pre Requisites for Data Engineering

  • Technical aptitude.
  • Logical thinker.
  • Comfortable with OS file system concepts.
  • Experienced in downloading and installing software.
  • Experience working with data connections in Excel or other applications.
  • Experience creating macros and functions in Excel or other applications.
  • Some exposure to programming is helpful but not required.

Registration Steps

  1. Select from the boot camps listed above - see more details on the Promineo 18-Week Coding Bootcamp Site.
  2. Register and pay for classes.