Strategic Plan 2023-2027

We want your input

Key Imperatives

As part of the Strategic Planning process, we have collected ideas and feedback to determine our top priorities needed to fulfill our Mission to improve people’s lives through learning over the next five years. Four main categories emerged to become our draft Key Imperatives. Please review the proposed Key Imperatives and provide feedback by clicking the Give Feedback button below.


Proposed Key Imperatives

Lifelong Learning

Create a lifelong meaningful and mutual relationship with the College.

ECC Experience

Cultivate a welcoming destination for students, employees and our community.

Academic Excellence

Deliver instructional practices and curriculum to ensure student-centered learning.

Funding our Future

Position the college to remain affordable while ensuring long-term financial stability.


Vision, Mission, Shared Values, and Philosophies

We also collected ideas and feedback on our guiding statements for the next five years and updated our shared values. Please review the proposed statements and provide feedback by clicking the Give Feedback button above.


Proposed Vision, Mission, Shared Values, and Philosophies

Proposed Vision

Where we are heading.

To be the first choice for everyone to learn, grow, and dream in a culture that ensures access, fosters success, and advances innovation.

Proposed Mission

Why we exist.

The Mission of Elgin Community College is to improve people's lives through learning. In our decisions and actions we empower…

  • STUDENTS to reach their goals in an equitable and welcoming environment;
  • EMPLOYEES to thrive and fully use their collective talent; and
  • Our COMMUNITY to transform and enrich the world.

Proposed Shared Values

What we believe.

  • Excellence
  • Freedom of Inquiry
  • Ethical Practices
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Holistic Approach

Proposed Philosophies

How we approach our work.

  • Learning
  • Equity
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Justice



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