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Employment Rate of Completers in Career and Technical Education Programs in 2015

Program Year:2013201420152016
Number of Completers in Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs:1,2741,3261,3341,296
Number of CTE Completers working or placed in military service:9811,0381,0611,046
Percent of CTE Completers working or placed in military service:77.00%78.28%79.54%80.71%

Numerator: Number of CTE concentrators who received an industry-recognized credential, a certificate, or a degree during the reporting year.
Denominator: Number of CTE concentrators in the postsecondary education tracking cohort for the reporting year.

Source: Entering Cohort tracked thru A1. CTE (PCS l.2) completers – based on the Curriculum Prefix and Number of Completion PCS/CIP/ Degree Type,  A1 Items 36-39, Columns 84- 102.

Numbers and Percentages of ECC Graduates in Various Employment Categories

 FY2013 FY2014  FY2015 FY2016
Count% Count% Count% Count%
PresentEmployed Full Time/Military20262% 21059% 23865% 20659%
EmploymentEmployed Part Time8222% 8323% 6317% 10028%
StatusUnemployed, Seeking Employment4512% 3710% 339% 267%
Unemployed, NOT Seeking Employment364% 257% 359% 206%
 Total301100% 355100% 369100% 352100%
Relationship of Present Job to CTE Program at ECCYes, it is related15261% 21071% 21171% 22273%
No, it is not related9940% 8529% 8829% 8427%
Total251100% 295100% 299100% 306100%

Source: ECC Institutional Research Office, Career-Technical Graduate Survey.