Work-Life Balance

Work and Life Balance

ECC believes in helping employees balance all areas of their lives—work, home, health, recreation, and more. As an ECC employee, you’re a community member who works together for a common purpose while finding time to stay connected to what’s most important in your life.

Our employees say…

Jurice Jackson profile picture

"I am allowed to interact on some level with our amazing students, faculty, and staff, and at the end of each day, I hope in some small way that I can make a lasting impact on them as they have on me."

Jurice Jackson
Staff – Technical Enrollment Facilitator

Theresa Bosteder profile picture

"It has given me the flexibility to put my family first while having a career that positively impacts my community."

Theresa Bosteder
Staff – ABE Office Coordinator

Theresa Bosteder


Jenn Loiacano Profile Picture

"I am part of an organization whose mission is helping people invest in themselves through education—what could be more satisfying?"

Jenn Loiacano
Staff – Director of Spartan Terrace Restaurant

Charron Banazack

"I love working in an academic environment where the students, faculty, staff, and administrators support one another. The positivity is contagious!"

Charron Banaszak
Staff – TLSD Office Coordinator

Stephan Tucholski

"It truly is a dream job. The people and the environment are awesome!"

Steve Tuchloski
Faculty – Econ (Adjunct)

Dan Kernler profile

"It really is a great place to work. My colleagues challenge and motivate me every day to be a better mathematics instructor. The support I feel here encourages me to try new things and maximize my capabilities. I tell my students that an ideal workplace is one where they feel challenged and have the support of their supervisors and colleagues. In my mind, I’m really describing ECC."

Daniel Kernler
Faculty – Math

Sara Baker in the classroom

"I get to be a part of students' educational journeys and help them work hard to reach their goals. I feel so lucky to play a part in such an important part of their lives."

Sara Baker
Faculty - English

Maria Bagshaw

"Teaching (our students) how to use great resources and seeing them succeed is so rewarding. Being just a small part of their journey is a privilege."

Maria Bagshaw