Student Emergency Relief Fund

Providing Relief to Students

As the COVID-19 pandemic causes disruption to ECC students (read more here), the ECC Foundation is stepping up to help. With ECC classes migrating to online learning environments, many students lack access to a home computer/laptop and/or wifi, plus other essentials that are needed to continue successfully navigating their education. The ECC Foundation is committed to ensuring that our students can continue their education, regardless of circumstance. For that reason, we have created our Emergency Student Relief Fund to provide consolation for our students.

The purpose of this fund is to secure resources for students whose lives have been affected by the ongoing pandemic. This fund will help purchase laptops, access to wifi, and other circumstantial needs to ensure that students have the ability to safely continue their education.

The ECC Foundation has seeded $10,000 in the new Student Emergency Relief Fund. Our goal is dynamic, adjusting to meet the needs of the students as the situation evolves. Let’s extend a helping hand to our students in need during this challenging time.

You can give below or mail a check to:

ECC Foundation
P.O. Box 5933
Elgin, IL 60121

Thank you for your support of our hard working students!

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