Severe Weather and Tornados

Do you know where the shelter areas are in your building? 

If you do not, attempt to seek shelter in the interior most portion of the building. Stay away from exterior doors and glass as much as possible. Always use stairs during emergencies. Never use the elevator, as, during an incident, the elevator may lose power and trap you.

Tornado Procedure

A voice announcement will be made if there is time. Quickly, but calmly, go to the lowest level of buildings. Stay away from glass areas and doors. Never use an elevator to evacuate. Use stairs. Take shelter in an interior hallway or room, especially those labeled “Severe Weather Shelter”. Stay in a protected area until an “all clear” is sounded. Do not leave until you are sure of the identity or source of the person making the announcement. Outdoors, stay away from cars, and lie down in a ditch or depression. If you are in a severely damaged building, evacuate it as soon as possible after the storm passes.

Did you know?

When classes and events are canceled and/or the school is closed due to inclement weather, a notification is posted on Here’s how you'll receive notifications:

Do not call the college's main number or the ECC Police Department for college closing information.