College Readiness & Career Planning

Elgin Community College cares about preparing students in our community for college and careers, whether you do so at ECC or not. Students and families are invited to attend one-time events to help you learn more or get involved with one of our programs that provide more support for students.

Support Programs

A student who is college and career-ready has the knowledge and skills to be successful in college and the workplace. ECC is dedicated to making sure that college- and career-ready students are prepared to start college. We help with college-level reading, writing, and math skills. We are also available to help students discover skilled career options that offer financial security and room to grow.

Elgin Community College recognizes that some students need additional support to reach their college and/or career goals. That's why we offer events and free support services to students who meet program qualifications.

Support services available to prospective college students through ECC:

  • Offers several program options for interested and qualified students to earn college credit while still in high school saving time and money!

  • Provides timely academic assistance and personalized guidance to qualified high school students to enhance their options for college by concentrating on academic and personal development. It offers a college prep program for high school students who are potential first-generation or low-income college students—programs offered during the school year with optional summer programs.

  • Provides academic assistance and personalized support to qualified middle and high school students who want additional guidance in navigating their educational options—programs offered during the school year with optional summer programs.

  • Helps students increase their problem-solving abilities and communication skills. They also develop strategies for academic success and college or career readiness. The program is offered monthly on Saturdays, October through April. A summer program is optional.

  • Event series that provides guidance and resources for students on the path to college and builds materials and support for students on the career path. All workshops are free, in the evenings, and held virtually through Zoom® meetings. View recorded information sessions