Death of a Student 4.406

In the event of the death of a currently enrolled Elgin Community College student, the Dean of Students should be notified and is responsible for ensuring that the following steps are taken:

  1. The Dean of Student Services and Development will notify the Vice President for Teaching, Learning, and Student Development, President’s Office, and Marketing and Communications Department of the student’s death with as many details as possible, including circumstances, family contact, and source of information.
  2. The Dean of Student Services and Development will prepare a memo (e-mail) to Records and Registration, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts requesting research on the student’s account and if a refund is required.  A 100% refund of out-of pocket monies paid for the semester will be issued.  After research and refund processing is complete on the student’s account, the student’s file in the student information system will be closed and coded to prevent future mailings and email communication.  The TRiO program, the ADA Coordinator, Library, Academic Advising and Career Development Services, Student Life, Human Resources, Campus Police, Art Center Box Office, ECC Foundation, Wellness Professionals, and dean(s) of the division in which the student is enrolled in courses will be copied on this email.
  3. If classes are in session, the Dean of Student Services and Development will contact all of the deceased student’s faculty.  The discussion and/or memo will include arrangements for a wellness professional to visit the deceased student’s class(es), if the faculty so desires, to inform his/her classmates about the student’s death as well as availability of on-campus services and other resources such as the Student Assistance Program.  
  4. On behalf of the institution, the Dean of Student Services and Development will contact the parent(s)/spouse/guardian(s) of the deceased student via phone or a letter, if sufficient information is available. 
  5. Student Life will arrange for flowers or other appropriate memorial to be sent to the funeral / memorial service or the home of the deceased student if the services have passed and if sufficient information is available.
  6. The Dean of Student Services and Development or other designated college official will represent the college at the funeral or memorial service, if at all possible.
  7. If the college is contacted about the death of a former student, step #2 of this administrative procedure, which involves researching, closing and coding the student’s student information system file will be followed, if the file has not already been closed.