Course Retake 1.203

Students may retake any ECC course at the regular cost of the course if one of the following conditions is met:

  1. If the student has not completed the course with a grade of C or better and the course/grade is necessary to satisfy degree or certificate requirements (100 level or above), the course may be re-taken once.
  2. If a higher grade is required to raise a student’s grade point average to the minimum required for graduation, the course may be re-taken once.
  3. Developmental courses may be retaken until passed successfully. However, students using financial aid should speak with the financial aid department to understand the impact of retaking a course.
  4. This procedure does not apply to Adult Basic Education (ABEC) courses.

Students seeking to retake a course beyond the second attempt must consult with an academic advisor and obtain an appeal form to allow registration beyond the second attempt.

A student who retakes any course does so with the understanding that only the higher grade will be used to compute the grade point average at ECC. All attempted courses will appear on the official ECC transcript along with a summary of the retake policy.

Students transferring to another college or university should know not all institutions honor ECC’s course retake policy. Instead of using the higher grade to compute a student’s grade point average, some schools use the average of both grades earned or they use the most recent attempt. To avoid difficulties in transferring, students are encouraged to contact the admissions office of their intended transfer institution and review its current catalog.

A student may receive financial aid for a previously passed course only once (a total of two attempts). If a student enrolls in a previously passed course for a third time, this course will not count towards the student’s enrollment for financial aid purposes. A grade of “D” or higher is considered passing for financial aid purposes regardless of institutional policy or program of study. Students may receive financial aid for a course that has not been previously passed regardless of the number of attempts.

Download course retake appeal form