ECC Police Department

Image of ECC police officer in front of his squad vehicle exchanging words with a student.

Minimizing crime opportunities and encouraging students and employees to be responsible for their own security and the security of others are keys to safety. Be sure to contact ECC police immediately if you witness a crime, are victimized by crime or in need of other emergency aid.

Officers On Duty & Services Offered

ECC police and Elgin police conduct regular vehicle and foot patrols of buildings and grounds.

Patrol Schedule: Officers are on-duty during the college's regular operational hours.

In addition to patrol duties, officers are assigned to investigation, crime prevention, parking and safety units. 

Officer Safety Escort Service

To request an escort to and from buildings on ECC's Campus, call ECC police at 847-214-7778 from a cell phone or 7778 from a college phone. An officer will meet you at your vehicle in ECC’s parking lots or inside ECC buildings. The service is available from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Saturday during the academic year when the college is open.

Parking and Car Trouble

ECC police and the Elgin Police Department enforce all parking regulations.

The ECC police has a portable battery pack for vehicle jump-starts. This service is free and available by calling 847-214-7777, or ext. 7777 from an on-campus phone. For lock-outs or other problems, they can phone a locksmith or garage of your choice.

Unattended Children on Campus

Elgin Community College is responsible for providing a safe and positive educational environment free from potential distractions. The college facilities and grounds are inappropriate places for unattended children, and ECC is not liable for visiting children who are without adult supervision. Review college procedure for more information.