Alerts & Alarms

Once severe weather threatens, you may only have minutes to react. The college's Safety and Emergency Information Handbook along with these web pages help faculty, staff and students understand what to do in the event of severe weather for personal protection and safety on campus.

The following warning notifications may be used to help you get to safety in an emergency situation.

Outdoor Warning System Testing

The outdoor warning sirens are put through an audible test for 5 minutes at 10:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of every month. The test does not occur if a threat of severe weather has resulted in a weather watch or warning. Please pay attention to the sound of this warning to help recognize it when severe weather is reported in the area. This would be the time to quickly move to the identified shelters on campus or to a secure location away from windows or other unsafe environments.

Look for signs similar to this that will identify designated severe weather shelter areas on campus.