Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Program Overview

CERT is a national training program for individuals who volunteer to take an active role during emergencies. ECC employees are encouraged to undergo CERT training and join other employees who have already completed training to ensure that every division and department has administrators, support staff, and faculty capable and ready to help in the event of an emergency.

Team Member Responsibilities

The main responsibility of CERT team members is to help people on campus evacuate, take shelter or otherwise respond to emergencies before first responders arrive. Once help arrives, they assist first responders as requested, communicating information about the situation to the campus community. At other times, they may identify and help correct hazards in their building and educate the campus community on preparing for and responding to emergencies.

Team Member Training

All campus CERT members attend 20 hours of classroom and hands-on training, including a half-day exercise during which they practice the skills learned in training. 

Topics covered in the training include:

  • Disaster preparedness
  • Fire safety and fire extinguisher use
  • Disaster medical operations
  • Light search and rescue
  • Campus CERT organization
  • Disaster psychology
  • Terrorism and campus CERT

Team members also participate in periodic team meetings, and refresher training and are provided opportunities to further develop their skills through additional training opportunities in collaboration with the City of Elgin Emergency Management Office.

How to Get Involved

The first step in getting involved is to get approval from your supervisor. To discuss starting a new team in your building or to learn about training opportunities, contact the Office of Emergency Management at 847-214-7676 or email

Additional Information