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Telecourse Office
Bldg C, Room C211, ECC Campus
Tel: 847-214-7560
Fax: 847-608-5479
Hours: M-Th: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.;
F: 8 a.m - 4:30 p.m.

Choosing a Telecourse

One of the major advantages of taking a telecourse is that you attend class at anytime and anywhere you have access to a TV and DVD player or VCR.


  • Demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, and time management skills
  • Be able to assume responsibility for completing work on your own
  • Ability to follow directions and schedule your time wisely
  • Attend class on a regular basis
  • Have access to a TV and DVD or VCR (some courses require a VHS tape player)


  1. Take a Learning Style Survey
  2. Be prepared to work independently
  3. Manage your time effectively
  4. Have all of the required course materials – textbooks, syllabus, study guide, etc.
  5. Carefully read your course syllabus
  6. Mark due dates on your calendar of all assignments and tests
  7. Don’t delay, keep up with the assignments
  8. Set aside a specific time and place for study and avoid interruptions while viewing the tapes and completing assignments
  9. Ask for assistance, contact your instructor the minute you have questions or concerns
  10. Utilize resources available to you – tutoring, academic and transfer advising, etc.
  11. Never give up, don’t get discouraged - you can do it!


What are the components of a telecourse class?
The components of a telecourse class are the textbook, the student study guide and video. Materials for most classes can be purchased in the ECC bookstore.

How do I register for a telecourse class?
Registration for a telecourse is the same as registration for a traditional class – in person or online. More»

What happens after I register for a telecourse class?
An informational email will be sent to your ECC student e-mail account. This email outlines the telecourse process and provides information on taking a telecourse.

Are telecourse classes more expensive than traditional classes?
Telecourse classes cost the same as traditional classes. There is no difference in cost. More»

How long do I have to complete a telecourse?
Generally speaking, for the spring and fall semesters you have approximately 16 weeks to complete a telecourse; during the summer semester you have approximately 12 weeks.

How does a telecourse class appear on my transcript?
A telecourse class appears the same as a traditional class on your transcript. There is no indication that the class was taken as a telecourse.

Are the credits the same for both telecourses and traditional classes?
Yes. Telecourses are academically equivalent to traditional classes.

Is there any special equipment I need to take a telecourse?
If you decide to view the telecourse videos at home, you will need to have a television, DVD player - and for some classes - a VCR.

Are telecourse classes harder than traditional classes?
While telecourses allow much more flexibility than traditional classes, they also require self-discipline and the ability to work independently. Students must read and study the class materials, and there is little or no opportunity for interaction with other students. Generally speaking, because students work solely on their own, yes, telecourse classes are harder than traditional classes.

How do I communicate with my instructor?
Unless other arrangements are made, communication with the instructor takes place via e-mail or phone.

What about testing?
Most testing is done in the Testing Center. Instructors typically give midterms and final exams. In certain circumstances, special testing arrangements can be made. More»

Are there assignments in telecourses? If so, how are they submitted?
Yes, some instructors have assignments that must be submitted - in the Testing Center; via snail-mail; via fax or e-mail. Read your syllabus for instructions on submitting assignments.

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