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At Your Service

Distance Learning Office
Bldg C, Room C211, ECC Campus
Tel: 847-214-7945
Fax: 847-608-5479
Hotline: 847-214-7620
Hours: M-Th: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.;
F: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Closed Fri. Summer Session


Telecourses are classes in which students work on their own and consist of a textbook, study guide and videos. Successful students possess college-level reading and study skills, and are goal oriented and self-motivated. 

Are Telecourses For You?

New & Returning Students

  1. View telecourse listing»
  2. FAQs»
  3. First-time ECC student. Apply»
  4. Must register by start date of the class. Register»
  5. Pay your bill»
    Including your $50 rental fee; if applicable.
  6. Attend orientation for first-time distance students»
  7. Get books/course materials»
  8. View telecourse syllabi»
  9. Testing information»
  10. Student email»
    Access information is sent to your student email account before start of class. Contact the Distance Learning Office, if email is not received by start date of class.
  11. Online tutoring is available. Tutoring»

Viewing Options

Video on Demand

  • View some telecourses online at no charge if you have access to a broadband connection. Available classes


  • Rent an entire set of course tapes for $50. Keep tapes for duration of the semester; $25 refund processed when tapes returned. Most classes are offered on DVDs which are sold in the ECC Bookstore. Check with the bookstore while purchasing textbooks to see if this applies to your class. If renting videos is an option, pay the $50 rental fee at the Student Accounts office, Bldg B, Room B151, ECC Campus
  • Rental tapes must be picked up and returned to the Telecourse Office. Be sure to bring your payment receipt issued by the Student Accounts Office, ECC Campus.
  • Extensions of course completion dates granted by instructors does not extend the due date of rental tapes

Tape Checkout for Home Use

  • Borrow tapes (no fee) for applicable classes from the Building C (Library) on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Check out a maximum of four lessons per course for up to one week. Each tape generally contains four lessons
  • Late fees are $3 per day per tape. Download information

On Site Viewing

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