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Learning Community

A learning community is a grouping of two or more courses. Research shows that students taking courses together as a cohort improves their grades, fosters a supportive environment, and helps them build stronger connections with their instructors and fellow students. An additional benefit for students is the topics covered in one course are connected to the topics in the other course which helps you better understand the information and make connections between what you are learning and your life.

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Tip: Use search term 'learning communities' when using course catalog.

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A learning community is two or more connected courses. Students who enroll in a learning community must enroll in all of the connected courses.

Research shows that students who take learning community courses:

  • improve their grades
  • benefit from a supportive environment
  • build strong connections with their instructors and fellow students
  • demonstrate stronger understanding of content in connected courses
  • make stronger connections between what they are learning and their lives

When viewing the course catalog through accessECC Portal.

  1. Go to
  2. Select search method as a guest or student; link redirects to accessECC Portal.
  3. Type 'learning community' in the search box.
  4. From the results select section name.
  5. See course type and comments.

No, anyone can take a learning community as long as the courses meet his/her educational needs.

Of course! The big difference is what you learn in one class will be connected to what you learn in the other class. The benefit to you is that you will make immediate use of what you are learning which leads to deeper learning.
Since the content of the classes in the learning community is integrated, you will not be able to remain in one class and drop/withdraw another. Students who are considering drop/withdrawal must meet with their instructor prior to taking any steps with the Registration office.

You register the same as you would another class – online via accessECC or in person. The only difference is that you must register for all of the classes that are listed as part of that learning community. If you select only one of the classes in the learning community when you register, the registration system will ensure you are registered for the other class(es).

Each learning community class has the same students. For example, in the Reality 101 learning community the students taking COL 101 are the same group of students that will be in GSD 120. As a result, you will develop a special support community with these students and your instructors. In addition, learning community classes may have smaller class size than regular section sections.

For example, ENG 101 normally has 18 students while COL 101 normally has 25 students. When these courses are together in a learning community both will have only 18 students.

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