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Information for Veterans

ECC Is Veteran-Friendly

Thank you for your military service! Whether you are starting college for the first-time or re-entering college, ECC welcomes veterans home to a great college experience. Expect personalized attention to help you select a program of study which incorporates the skills you learned in the military with work in a field you enjoy.

Why should veterans choose ECC?

  • Designated veteran benefits specialist on staff -Contact AnitraC. King, veterans coordinator, Career Development Office, Building B, Room B120,; 847-214-7531. More»
  • Affordable tuition, a fraction of the cost charged by public universities, private colleges and technical institutes. More»
  • Close to home–less travel time means more time for family and/or a job, to study or to take more courses. More»
  • Personalized support services to minimize distractions outside of class. More»
  • First-rate instruction in transfer and career-technical education to fit your educational goals. More»
  • In-district tuition at almost 30 other community colleges if ECC doesn’t have the program of study you seek.More»
  • Flexible learning options to study and attend classes when it’s convenient for you. More»
  • A safe campus and secure learning environment. More»
  • Small classes and attentive teachers whose first priority is teaching not publishing, not researching. 
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Resources For Veterans

Military Career, Job Sources, and Other Resources


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1. I just got out of the service and interested in going to college; where do I start?

Answer: If you have never used your benefits, you should:

  1. Complete the application for benefits at
  2. Complete an application for admission. More»
  3. Register for classes. More»
  4. Submit the following to the Financial Aid Office:
    • Member 4 copy of your DD-214
    • Eligibility letter (that you received in the mail)
    • Complete request for certification of enrollment and the responsibility form.

All items must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office, Building B, Room B156, ECC Campus, prior to the start of classes for each term you are enrolled.

Note: If you do not have the eligibility letter, please complete everything else to secure your current enrollment.

2. How long will the process take?

Answer: Allow 30 to 60 days from the time you complete your veteran application at

3. What if I am not sure which benefits to use?

Answer: Go to from the resources at the bottom of that page follow these steps:

  • Select 'Road Map to Success' which informs you of the possible benefitsyou may qualify for as a veteran.
  • Complete a 22190 form to the VA to receive a certificate of eligibility (COE) confirming the benefits you are able to utilize at ECC.

Please contact Career Services at 847-214-7531 for assistance.

4. When will my housing benefits/stipends start with Chapter 33 - Post 911, or Chapter 30?

Answer: If you are starting school for the first-time, your first housing allowance benefit/ stipend may not be for the full amount because benefits start on the day you start school.

For example: If classes start August 22, your September stipend will be for thenine (9) days you actually attended in August.

5. How will my tuition be paid?

Answer: IVG, ING, and Chapter 33 - Post 911 will send tuition and/or fee payments directly to the school.

  • If you are not receiving 100% of tuition reimbursement from Chapter 33, you are responsible for any balance due to ECC.
  • The IVG and ING will cover only tuition charges, you are responsible for all lab fees and books.
  • If you are receiving other benefits, you must complete a payment plan to secure your classes for that semester, or use financial aid if you qualify or Chapter 30 benefits.

6. Who is the certifying official at Elgin Community College?

Answer: Anita Nelson, financial aid advisor & VA certifying official. Contact:847-214-7520 or email at She is located in the Financial Aid Office, Building B, Room B156, ECC Campus.

NOTE: Verification of Enrollment Status

  • Chapter 31, Chapter 32 & Chapter 33 - ECC will certify monthly that you are still enrolled. If you make any changes to your schedule, please update that information with the Financial Aid Office to avoid any overpayments or delay in receiving monthly stipends.
  • Chapter 30, Chapter 35, Chapter 1606 & Chapter 1607 - You, the student, must complete the certification monthly to avoid any overpayments or delay in receiving monthly stipends. By telephone only this agency is not allowing you to certify by the internet. The number to call to verify your enrollment status is: 1-877-823-2378.

7. What if I have general questions about veterans affairs, who do I contact?

Answer: Anitra King, career and veterans specialist. She can be contacted at 847-214-7531, or email at She is located in the Career Services Office, Building B, Room B120, ECC Campus. Anitra can assist you with:

  • Your application for benefits
  • Questions you may have regarding your benefits
  • Instructor and class issues and concerns
  • Career planning
  • Any other concerns you may have

8. What other military benefits are available for veterans at ECC?


Federal Benefits

888-442-4551 –

  • Chapter 30 - Montgomery - GI Bill - (until 1985)
  • Chapter 31 - Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Chapter 32 - V.E.A.P. (Veterans Educational Assistance Program)
  • Chapter 33 - Post 911
  • Chapter 34 - older version of chapter 31
  • Chapter 35 - Survivors’ and Dependence Educational Assistance Program
  • Chapter 1606 - Montgomery Selected Reserve
  • Chapter 1607 - R.E.A.P. (Reserved Educational Assistance Program)

State Benefits

800-899-4722 –

  • Illinois National Guard Program - ING
  • Illinois Veteran Grant Program - IVG


217-782-6641 (MIA/POW scholarships for spouses and dependents only)

Need more information on these benefits? Visit

9. What if I want to drop a class?

Answer: As a veteran your classes are tied to your benefits; therefore, our system will not allow you drop classes until you speak with Anitra King, career and veterans specialist. She can be contacted at 847-214-7531, or email at She is located in the Career Services Office, Building B, Room B120, ECC Campus.

This will assure you fully understand your benefits and avoid overpayments. Any overpayments that you receive must be paid back to the federal agency.

To complete an add/drop form and properly certify your benefits you will need to speak with Anita Nelson, financial aid advisor and VA certifying official. She can be contacted at 847-214-7520, or email at

10. What happens to my benefits if I do not achieve satisfactory academic progress (SAP) for financial aid?

Answer: Make good grades = keep benefits, bad grades = loss of benefits. Satisfactory academic progress is defined as the attainment of a 2.0 cumulative GPA (grade point average) which will be a grade of C or higher. It is critical to maintain satisfactory academic progress towards your degree.

Failure to make SAP

You will also need to complete an appeal for reinstatement at the Financial Aid Office, Building B, Room B156, ECC Campus. If denied reinstatement, you will not be able to utilize benefits until you meet the guidelines.

11. If I don't make satisfactory academic progress (SAP) for financial aid what happens to my benefits?

Answer: The tuition will stay intact. However, any housing allowance and book expenses you received may have to be repaid back before you can use additional benefits.

12. How can I meet other students who are veterans at ECC?

Answer: ECC sponsors a club just for veterans - Military Branches United (MBU). Please contact the club by email at Stop by the Student Life Office, Building B, Room B151 and ask about MBU, and they will have information on where and when the club meets.

To get information about the MBU club, on current and past events, visit