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Clubs & Organizations

Advocacy for Disabled & Abled Persons Together (ADAPT)


Networking, awareness and support between disabled and able students is the focus of this group.

Alpha Beta Gamma Business Honor Society (ABG)


This national business honors society is open to business majors who enroll regularly in business courses. For membership, students must have completed at least 15 semester hours of credit with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (B) for all courses, including business courses. There is a one-time initiation fee. Membership is indicated on a student’s official college transcript.

Amnesty International


This group is an apolitical organization working to assure that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is guaranteed to everyone worldwide. Members hold several campus events each year.

Anime Club


If you like Japanese animation and want to explore Japanese and Asian art and culture through this medium, then ECCA is for you. This club is ideal for students who have an interest in this art form and want to discuss it and view catalogued works.

Associated Nursing Students (ANS)


Nursing majors participate in career-related activities and events that provide student support and networking.

Black Student Association (BSA)


Students with an interest in African-American culture and other cultures are encouraged to join this club. BSA promotes cultural diversity and students participate in field trips, lectures and social activities.

Chinese Student Club


This club is ideal for all students interested in China. Members promote the awareness of Chinese culture, unity with all ethnic groups, and excellence in academics, and support for its members. Activities include monthly meetings, leadership training and support activities.

College Programming Board (CPB)


CPB is the college’s primary source for providing entertainment and special events for students. CPB encourages student involvement and the social development of the student body through music, speakers, films and other forms of entertainment.


Like drums? Be part of djembe to appreciate drumming as an art form and form a community of drummers. Opportunities to perform and offer service are also part of the organization's mission. 

ECC Observer Student Newspaper


A forum for the free expression of student views and opinions is the focus of the student newspaper, Elgin Community College Observer. Students gain experience in newspaper production and may earn college credit while student readers keep abreast of current events and news on campus.

Future Teachers Club


This club is open to those interested in learning more about the field of education and to bilingual students whose academic goals include becoming future educators. FTC helps members enhance their academic experiences by providing activities, knowledge and tools conducive to bridging the academic environment to the teaching profession.

Gamers United

Calling all students who like video, card, and board games! Join Gamers United as they meet to play various video, card, and board games on campus.

Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Students & Supporters (GLOBES)


This group provides and promotes a positive and supportive atmosphere for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students at ECC. Members work toward establishing networks of camaraderie, mentoring and support that improve the quality of life of those involved and the college community at-large.

Health Careers Students

Delivering compassionate, quality healthcare is of paramount importance to all health science students. Join this club to broaden your knowledge of the entire healthcare community and to enhance your knowledge, skills and leadership.

Hospitality Club


Culinary management, pastry arts, restaurant management and hotel management students are members of this organization. They meet special guests and visiting chefs, sell refreshments at special events, and hold bake sales throughout the academic year. Members also compete in Chicago area and Midwest culinary salons.

Mock Trial Team


Learn more about trial by jury, the American standard admired throughout much of the world. Two teams try a criminal or civil case against each other, using the Federal Rules of Evidence, along with a number of case strategies, for simulation purposes. Students play both attorneys and witnesses and judges determine winners on factors including content, performance, poise and presence in the courtroom. The American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) sanctions competitions and provides a new case each year.

Muslim Student Association

Interested in Islam life and beliefs? Join Muslim students and non-Muslims who get together regularly to share information and enjoy lively discussion.

Office Administration Student Association (OASA)

topStudents interested in office careers share common goals in this club. Members get a head start on the working world by attending conferences, meeting local experts and exploring various aspects of the field.

Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS)


Students interested in Latin American culture are welcome to join. OLAS promotes a mature sensitivity and awareness of Latin American culture through various activities, events and community-sponsored programs.

Pakistan Student Association

Members of this club enjoy opportunities to share their Pakistani culture and heritage with the campus and community.

Peace and Justice

The global pursuit of peace and morally just solutions are at the heart of this club where members raise awareness on campus by bringing in speakers and holding discussions. Members participate in events and activities leading to world peace and justice.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)


This award-winning organization is an internationally recognized, two-year honors society for community college students. PTK eligibility requires 12 completed semester hours with a minimum GPA of 3.25. For newly-enrolled students, ECC's Rho Kappa chapter offers provisional membership. PTK members participate in a variety of service, scholarship, leadership and fellowship activities. Participation at state, regional and international conventions broadens members' experiences and leadership skills. Active members receive recognition at graduation by wearing gold stoles and tassels. PTK membership is also noted on official college transcripts. A one-time application fee applies.

Pro Life Club: Survivors

This club supports women in crisis, regarding pregnancy and post-abortive situations, by assisting them with finding support and counseling services. This organization also educates people about the unborn and effects of abortion.

Spartan Christian Fellowship


This group assists students in the study of the biblical world and life view. Activities include group study, socials and leadership training.

Spartan Law Review

This student group exhibits student writings on legal issues and matters, while providing an environment for those students considering a career as a paralegal to meet other paralegal students, instructors and graduates.

Students Educationally Receiving Volunteer Experience (SERVE)

This program allows students to earn elective college credit at no cost in exchange for community service and volunteering. Students acquire a number of different learning experiences while working to improve the quality of life within are communities. Student interests and time availabilities are matched with agencies seeking volunteers.

Student Government

Student government is the governing body of ECC students with jurisdiction in matters of student welfare and financing of college groups and organizations. Four executive officers, including the student member of the District 509 Board of Trustees, and 17 senators are elected annually. Participating in student government helps students learn valuable political and leadership skills.

Teach, Educate, Advocate (TEA)

This club spreads awareness to overcome the darkness of oppression. Campus and community events help to extinguish the barriers of poverty, gender, race, class, age, access and religion.

United Students of All Cultures (USAC)


USAC assists students of all ethnic origins, especially foreign-born students, to contribute their ideas and culture to the college. Its fellowship and service activities, including an international week celebration, provide social enrichment and promote cultural diversity.

Union of Politically Aware Students (UPAS)


Got an opinion? This group is perfect for students who like to discuss and explore current issues. They host discussion groups and forums on a number of issues and topics often overlooked in today’s headlines.